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Welcome to the x-files unofficial fan site!

On this site I'll include everything about my favorite TV show the x-files, cast biographies, a photo album of my favorite pictures from the show, and more.

The x-files is one of the best shows on tv,it has gone from strength to strength throughout each series,and were going on to the 8th series soon due to be shown on sky later this year and on BBC1 next year.I created this site to show my appreciation of the x-files.Please check out my discussion board and the chat room.
If you have any fan-fiction about the x-files that you would like me to put in the fan-fic bit please email me and tell me.
Please sign my guestbook if you have time. - Smash Hits You Control

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I'm a Yahoo! Expert
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This site is in no way associated or approved by The x-files or any of the actors in the show.If there is anything that should be removed from this site please email me and tell me and i will remove it.